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Address: near LOT 7021 Holbeach Avenue
Tempe NSW 2044


Want your kids to have fun? Bring them to this playground. They'll be busy for quite some time. A big climbing tower, fort with slide, other climbing toys, flying fox and more and more... Playground is fenced and partly sun shaded. Toilets are a bit far away, but parking lot is right at hand.



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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Cahill Park

    Playground:Cahill Park
    Cahill Park is situated on Levey Street in Arncliffe. It has a very full playground with lots to do for kids of all ages to entertain themselves with. With facilities such as tennis courts, plenty of open space, a dam, etc; even the adults have plenty of options. There is plenty of parking in and around the park as well as shaded picnic tables. The rowing club a short walk away has Coffee and food.
    Levey St, Wolli Creek NSW 2205, Australia
  • Kendrick Park, Tempe

    Kendrick Park is located on View Street, Tempe, New South Wales. The playground is located near an unfenced view of a river. It has a see-saw, swings, curved slide, spring rider, fort and monkey bar all placed on soft fall and suitable for pre and primary schoolers. There is an open field near the playground for children to run around in and play ball games in and is suitable for pre, primary and high schoolers. There are 3 sheltered picnic tables for snacks or lunch. Parts of the playground have natural shade.
    near 4 View St, Tempe NSW 2044, Australia
  • Gough Whitlam Park, Bayview Ave

    Playground:Gough Whitlam Park, Bayview Ave
    Gough Whitlam Park is a great park with things to do for the whole family which makes it a great picnic spot or a place to spend the afternoon. It is well equipped with things for disabled (toilets, parking spaces). Starting at the parking lot there are toilets and showers on one side and playground on the other. Further ahead you see a creek and across the path a basketball court and the oval. Picnic tables and BBQ's are next to the playground which is colourful and sun shaded. Kids can play on swings.. Please help make this article better and add some photos and comments, thank you
    near 3 Bayview Avenue, Earlwood NSW 2206, Australia
  • Mackey Park Playground, Marrickville NSW

    This good playground is located on Carrington Road. It is fenced and partly shady by trees. The toy equipment is set on rubber soft fall underfoot and is suitable for toddlers. You will find baby and senior swing, spring rider, stand on spinner, see saw, playhouse with abacus, nought&crosses and shopfront, play unit with 2 slides, climbing pole, steps, flying fox and spider web climber. The playground is right next to a playing field. Benches around. Picnic facilities and bbq beside. Toilets available.
    near 57 Carrington Road, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia
  • Tillman Park

    Playground:Tillman Park
    This playground is located on Unwins Bridge Road. It is fenced and partially haded. As toy equipment you can find a climbing tower, a set of swings a fort with a slide and a monkey bar. At the side you can find a bench and a picnic table. Equipment is set on a softfall area.
    79 Unwins Bridge Road, Tempe Nueva Gales del Sur 2044, Australia
  • Gough Whitlam Park, Pine Ave

    Playground:Gough Whitlam Park, Pine Ave
    This small playground is one of two in Gough Whitlam Park (the other one is on Bayview Avenue). Kids can play on two forts with slide or run around and play ball games. There's a bike track starting at the parking lot. Closer to the beach are a couple of sheltered picnic tables and BBQ's.
    near 1 Pine Avenue, Earlwood NSW 2206, Australia
  • Riverine Park

    Playground:Riverine Park
    This playground is located on the corners of Firmstone Garden and West Botany Streets in Arncliffe. The entire playground is sheltered with many things for the smaller kids to keep busy with including the sand pit which covers the base area of the playground. There are sheltered picnic tables for the adults and a large open field adjacent to the playground for the older kids.
    West Botany Street, Arncliffe NSW , 2205, Australia
  • Sydenham Green Playground, Sydenham

    Playground:Sydenham Green Playground, Sydenham
    The Sydenham Green playground is situated on Rowe Street in Sydenham. The playground is fully fenced, unsheltered and suitable for toddlers. As play equipment you can find fort with slides, bridge, tunnel, climbing nets, monkey bar, poles, abacus, spring riders, swing set and some other elements. Furthermore, there is the eating area with picnic tables and BBQs, public toilets, basketball court, off-leash dog exercise area and large grassy green area for kids to kick the ball. Car parking, too.
    near 10 Rowe Street, Sydenham NSW 2044, Australia

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