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Address: near 250 Cowpasture Road
Abbotsbury NSW 2176


Western Sydney Regional Park is on Cowpasture Road in Abbotsbury. The playground is unfenced, unsheltered and best suited for older kids. There are two huge sized flying foxes, water pump feature, bowl spinner, tyre swing, senior swing, huge tunnel slide, climbing wall, sand pit with sand diggers, bike track and some other interesting elements. There is covered eating area with some tables and BBQ. Public toilets, car parking are available. There is large grassy space where kids can burn energy, too. Good for some play and relax.



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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Western Sydney Parklands Playground, Abbotsbury NSW

    Kids will love this place. Starting of at the parking lot trails lead you to the playgrounds. You can use the tracks (kiddy bikes are handy here) or let kids climb around the rocks and shrubs. At the playgrounds there are double flying fox, single flying fox, giant swings, skateboard swing, slide with climbing wall, water play and recycled timber balancing beams and sand diggers in the great sandboxes. There are several sheltered picnic tables and BBQs so bring your lunch and have a whole days fun. Parking lot is up front, toilets are near the playgrounds. Check here for more info:
    near The Horsley Drive, Abbotsbury NSW 2176, Australia
  • Tallowood Park

    Playground:Tallowood Park
    Tallowood Park offers a playground found on Tallowood Crescent in Bossley Park. This is a very active playground built with the primary school ages in mind. It also boasts plenty of open field space scattered with trees providing adequate amounts of shade.
    Tallowood Crescent, Bossley Park NSW, 2176, Australia
  • Mimosa Rd

    Playground:Mimosa Rd
    This is a small and basic playground with very limited equipment; however the open grassed area that surrounds it, allows it to cater for all ages of kids. It is accessible from both Mimosa Road and Falklands Avenue and offers plenty of shade on those hot days.
    Mimosa Road, Bossley Park NSW, 2176, Australia
  • Glenfern Crescent

    Playground:Glenfern Crescent
    This playground can be found on the corner of Dashmere Street & Glenfern Crescent, Bossley Park. The playground equipment consists only of 2 swings in a big sand box, surrounded by a medium to large open grassed field on which the older kids could entertain themselves on, while the younger kids enjoy their time on the swings.
    Glenfern Crescent, Bossley Park NSW, 2176, Australia
  • Locke St

    Playground:Locke St
    Located on the corner of Locke & Gissing Streets in Wetherill Park, this playground has very little in the way of equipment to offer. However; the playground is situated on a very large open field which is beautifully populated with large trees. There is plenty of space for the larger kids to run around on while the very small kids are entertained in the playground.
    Locke Street, Wetherill Park NSW, 2164, Australia
  • Fitzgerald Reserve

    Playground:Fitzgerald Reserve
    This is a small playground built mainly to accommodate the smaller kids. Located on the corner of Fitzgerald Avenue & Idriess Place, this playground also offers a large field or grass area for the older kids to kick a ball around or fly a kite, etc.
    near 41-49 Fitzgerald Avenue, Edensor Park NSW 2176, Australia
  • Plough and Harrow West

    This superb playground is set at Plough and Harrow West Park near Elizabeth Drive, Cecil Hills. There are more play areas, cafe/restaurant, picnic facilities, bushwalk paths and more. There is a sheltered and soft fall grounded play area for the littlies with very cute and colorful play equipment that includes child sized picnic table, large see saw, mini swing, slide, rocker, sand pit and more interesting elements. There are more play areas where you can find a real huge flying fox for real experience, a rotating running ring, a challenging rope bridge, balance ring, swings and more. There are also bike tracks, big open grasslands and boardwalks with flower beds for more experiences and activities. While the kids run, jump and swing you can enjoy a fresh coffee at Plough & Harrow Licensed Cafe/Restaurant or use one of the plenty of BBQs and picnic tables cooking some fine outdoor food. Even, there are beautiful walk paths into native bushland with lookouts, wildlife spots, ponds so you can walk under trees listening bird songs. Fantastic place for family weekends, especially for those who love to relax in the nature. Car parking and toilets are available, too. Parents, you can help to make this article better by uploading some photos on your next visit.
    near LOT 13 Elizabeth Drive, Cecil Hills NSW 2171, Australia
  • Kipling Park

    Playground:Kipling Park
    This playground is located on the corner of Kipling Road & Fielding Close in Wetherill Park. This is a very active playground with loads of challenging equipment for both the younger and older kids. The Playground is split into junior and senior sections and is well shaded from the sun by all the big trees surrounding it. There is very little road noise due to the playground being located in the suburbs and there is a fence between the junior playground and the road.
    Kipling Road, Wetherill Park NSW, 2164, Australia

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