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This website is all about making it easier for parents to get their play outdoors more. We all know how much fun play is and we know that it is really important for our kids development. But it is not always easy to find the best nearby playground especially when you are travelling. PlayfulPossum is still growing please check out our facebook.com/playfulpossum page and let us know if there are any playgrounds missing.



Can I edit a playground article?

Soon - A few people are adding playgrounds at the moment. The software is pretty good but still has a few bugs. If you have some time and want to add some, drop me an e-mail[1] or let use know on facebook.com/playfulpossum

Can I upload a Photo?

Soon - Photos are a great way to get a feel for a playground. Usually the streeview images are good, but sometimes they ajust dont cut it. Soon you will be able to upload your own images but in the meanwhile just e-mail[2] them to me and I can upload them for you.

Can I add a new playground?

Soon - We have a pretty funky tool for this, but still has a few bugs. If you are curious and want to try it out e-mail me and I can set you up an account[3].

Can I suggest a new feature

Please do. Here are some of the features planned for the next little while, so if you have another idea please share it at facebook.com/playfulpossum

  • In each playground article add a list of other playgrounds nearby (done)
  • Mobile phone app (early 2014)
  • Playground rating system (done)
  • Faster search tool (early 2014)
  • Lots more playgrounds (ongoing)
  • Open up access to parents to add or edit playgrounds and upload photos (early to mid 2014)
  • Better location specific pages, eg best playgrounds in specific suburbs (mid 2014)
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