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Address: near 48 Arcadia Rd
Galston NSW 2159


Huge playground in the large Fagan Park area. Offers a wide choice of different equipment, like flying fox, swings, slides, spring riders, sand pits etc. BBQ, tables and chairs offer the possibility to spend an whole day out. There is a parking fee per vehicle of $5 (but you can walk in from the road, but parking fills up quickly on a sunny weekend) A popular and fun playground.



Hornsby Shire Council
ph: (02) 9847 6666

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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Fagan Park from Carrs Rd

    Playground:Fagan Park from Carrs Rd
    This playground is set at the north side of Fagan Park on Carrs Rd (there is another playground at the south). It is unfenced, unsheltered. The play equipment includes swings and a play system with slide, monkey bar, flying fox and climbing frames. There is a bike track and a large open grassy field, great for sports and ball games. You can find picnic area and BBQ. Nice and quiet place with woods large grassed areas and lakes, great for relaxing picnic with kids. Entrance fee $5 per car (or park on the road and walk in)
    Carrs Road, Galston NSW 2159, Australia
  • Galston Recreation Reserve

    Playground:Galston Recreation Reserve
    This playground is located on Galston Road. It is fenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a fort with a slide and monkey bars. You can also find a set of swings. At the side there is sheltered picnic tables. This reserve also offers two tennis courts and a large field.
    393 Galston Road, Galston NSW 2159, Australia
  • Kenthurst Rd

    Playground:Kenthurst Rd
    playground is located on Kenthurst Road. It is fenced and unshaded. Toy equipment includes: a play ssytem with a set of swings. You can also find a shaded and unshaded picnic table. There is also a lot of green area to enjoy for families and groups. A bike track is also available.
    131 Kenthurst Rd, Kenthurst NSW 2156, Australia
  • Kenthurst Park Playground, Kenthurst

    Playground:Kenthurst Park Playground, Kenthurst
    This playground is set in Kenthurst Park, located on Roughley Road in Kenthurst. It is partially fenced, unsheltered. Equipment: fort with slide, bridge, climbing structure and some other toys. There are tennis courts and cricket courts for older kids and adults. There are picnic tables, electric BBQs, public toilets and car parking. Nice relaxing park.
    near LOT 7019 Roughley Road, Kenthurst NSW 2156, Australia
  • Eric Wood Reserve

    Playground:Eric Wood Reserve
    This playground is set in Eric Wood Reserve between Sandpiper Place and Kenthurst Road (there are bus stops on it). It is a small unfenced, unsheltered playground with a merry-go-round, spring rider, fort, slide, fireman's pole and climbing frames. There is a bike/walk track and a grassy area, good for ball games. You can find a picnic table. Lovely place for some outdoor play and relax.
    near 34 Sandpiper Place, Kenthurst NSW 2156, Australia
  • Ellerman Park

    Playground:Ellerman Park
    This playground is located on Pellitt Lane an inside Ellerman Park. It is partially fenced and naturally shaded. Toy equipment includes a fort with a tunnel slide and a slide. At the side of this park you can find some seating. Next to this park and going north you can find some picnic tables. Going south you can find Dural Library and an Indoor Recreation Centre. There is also a kindergarten near to it. On pellit Lane you can find some parking.
    22 Pellitt Ln, Dural NSW 2158, Australia
  • Montview Parade

    Playground:Montview Parade
    Partially naturally shaded playground in the corner of the Montview park (on Mountview Parade near corner of Meluca Cres). The playground itself is mainly for younger children, but the huge lawn and the bicycle track makes it as well attractive to older children.
    23 Montview Parade, Hornsby Heights NSW 2077, Australia
  • Ulolo Community Park

    Playground:Ulolo Community Park
    Ulolo Community Park is a nice simple open area on the Corner of Montview Prde and Galston Rd Hornsby. You will find a couple of sets of swings, a swing based see-saw and a few picnic tables.
    Corner of Montview Prde and Galston Rd, Hornsby Heights NSW 2077, Australia

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