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Address: near 58-60 Pellisier Rd
Putney NSW 2112


This playground is located next to the Parramatta River, on Kissing Point Bay, Pellisier Rd. The playground is pretty well shaded by sails, unfenced, suitable for all ages. There is an interesting water play area with two nicely landscaped shallow paddling pools with a little (fake) river running between them. There is a bubble beach section and plenty of room for your kids to splash about. Nearby are some huge coloured squares, pyramids and balls which kids seem to find fascinating. Another play area has a large rope climbing tower, large fort system with lookout tower and tunnel slide and some combination equipment. There is a play area for littlies, too, with a small fort, slide,short tunnel, abacus, spring riders, swings. There are large grassed areas for sports and ball games and a bike track for biking, skating. You can find electric BBQs, sheltered picnic areas, toilets and car parking. It is a really great place for family picnics with beautiful waterviews in the background.



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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Putney Park

    Playground:Putney Park
    This is the southern playground at Putney Park. It is located at Pellisier Road at a waterfront. It is naturally shaded and unfenced. Toy equipment includes: one fort with two slides, a set of swings and a climbing net. There is some seating and parking available. This parkand playground is a great choice and suitable for large groups with barbeques and picnic facilities.
    86 Pellisier Rd, Putney NSW 2112, Australia
  • Morrison Park

    Playground:Morrison Park
    This playground is located on Frances Road. This playground is not fenced and it includes one fort with double slide. There is plenty of open field to play. This a major sporting area and it includes a cycle and walking path cricket nets and a fitness circuit. Next mum to visit here and you take a few photos with your camera and upload them here to make this better for the next family - thanks
    70 Frances Rd, Putney NSW 2112, Australia
  • Kissing Point Park

    Playground:Kissing Point Park
    This playground is on the foreshore of the Parramatta River and on Waterview Street. It is partially fenced and it has got lots of open field. Toy equipment includes: two forts (one for pre school kids and another for primary school ones) , one set of swings, and one spring rider. The equipment is set on softfall. Picnic and sheltered seating is also available. A sand digger and a bike track is around the park. There is access to a boat ramp as well. You can find some parking at the side of this park. It has it all :)
    45 Waterview St, Putney NSW 2112, Australia
  • Cleves Park

    Playground:Cleves Park
    This playground is located on Douglas Street. It is partially fenced and with limited natural shade (mostly for the seat). Toy equipment includes: one set of swings, a see saw and a slide. There is some seating and parking around the park. Good open area space as well.
    2 Douglas St, Putney NSW 2112, Australia
  • Bennelong Park

    Playground:Bennelong Park
    Bennelong Park is located on Waterview Street and right at a waterfront. This park is partially fenced and naturally shaded. There is basic toy equipment: one set of swings. There are some seats around the park as well.
    65 Waterview St, Putney NSW 2112, Australia
  • Cabarita Park Playground, Cabarita

    Playground:Cabarita Park Playground, Cabarita
    This playground is set in Cabarita Park, located on Cabarita Road in Cabarita. The playground is fully fenced, naturally shaded and suitable for toddlers. As toy equipment you can find a slide, ladder, climbing net, poles, spring rider, noughts and crosses, a baby and a senior swing. There is bench for parents. Nice view overlook of the bay.
    near 175 Cabarita Road, Cabarita NSW 2137, Australia
  • Howse Park Playground, Concord

    Playground:Howse Park Playground, Concord
    This playground is set in Howse Park, situated on Turner Avenue in Concord. The play area is unfenced, shady with nice trees. Suitable for toddlers. There is play unit with fort, slide, tunnel, abacus, poles, spring riders, mini boat with seats, set of swings, including baby swings and rope climbing tower. There are two benches. Car parking, too.
    near 20 Turner Avenue, Concord NSW 2137, Australia
  • Kendall St

    Playground:Kendall St
    The Kendall Street playground is located on 20-22 Kendall Street, Cabarita, New South Wales. It is located in a residential area. The playground has a slide, fort, single pole merry-go-round, monkey bar and see-saw all placed on soft fall. It's suitable for pre and primary schoolers. There are benches all around the playground for parents to sit on and keep an eye on their children as they play. There is also a sheltered picnic table for snacks or lunches.
    near 20-22 Kendall St, Cabarita NSW 2137, Australia

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